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Newly Trained in EMDR?

WHICH FORM OF BILATERAL STIMULATION SHOULD I USE? Featured article: The Impact of Eye Movements and Tones on Disturbing Memories: Eye movements were found to be more effective in diminishing the emotionality of the memory than ‘recall only’ or bilateral tones, yet the majority of patients prefer tones. FULL TEXT LINK: http://psycho-trauma.nl/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/The-impact-of-eye-movements-and-tones-on-disturbing-memories-involving-PTSD-De-Jongh-et-al.-2013.pdf 

It is gratifying to work with clinicians during an EMDR Institute or HAP Basic Training as they begin to integrate EMDR theory and therapy into clinical practice.  The most common post training questions I hear:

Where can I find a TICES log to give my clients to use between sessions?  

  • Heres a link to download the form as a pdf: TICES LOG

How do I get started?

For those recently trained by the EMDR Instiute and/or Trauma Recovery/EMDR HAP:

  • Be sure to take the time to do the "Getting Started" exercise  in the EMDR Institute's Weekend One manual.) As EMDR Institute or Trauma Recovery/HAP trainees you qualify to join the EMDR Institute Internet Discussion List. You will find information about how to join in your Weekend One "Getting Started" page. 

Read the article "Q&A Newly Trained"  available in the Journal of EMDR Practice and Research, volume 1, number 1.  Click Here to download the full-text article.

  • The Journal of EMDR Practice and Research is a Quarterly journal of the EMDR International Association.  In it you will find published articles related to research and clinical practice of EMDR therapy, starting in 2007. While EMDRIA members can access all of the articles online at no charge, anyone can access ALL but the last 12 months of articles at no charge.  To see the table of contents for this quarterly journal, go to: http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/springer/emdr 

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