Past-Present-Future with Eight Phases

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Developed by Katy Murray for use with EMDR trainees and consultees, this heavy weight, full color card measures 11” by 6” and serves as a useful reference guide for newly trained and experienced EMDR therapists, consultants, and trainers.  The Past-Present-Future side (glossy finish) provides a visual guide for planning targets for reprocessing based on the client’s symptoms, and is adapted with permission from an illustration first developed by Ana M. Gomez in 2008.  The Eight Phases side (mat finish) provides a succinct description of the purpose and activities of each of the eight phases of EMDR therapy, adapted with permission from the EMDR Institute’s basic training manual.  The card is heavy (130#) card stock.. EMDR clinicians find this visual tool a helpful reminder of EMDR’s eight phases and three pronged approach.  EMDR consultants and trainers find it a useful reference guide to give to clinicians to understand AIP informed target selection and the flow of treatment.  

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