Katy Murray. MSW, LICSW, BCD

katy 2016By accessing a natural psychological healing mechanism in the brain, EMDR therapy, more than any other psychotherapy approach, has taught me to trust each person's innate capacity to heal from both trauma and neglect. My clients - and the clinicians I provide consultation to - inspire me as they resolve the issues that have held them back from fully experiencing life engagement and meaning.

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Marcia Murray Memorial Fund

Dedicated to EMDR Research in Suicide Prevention and Survivor Support

marcia 1970Suicide. Despite advances in mental health treatment, suicide rates are steadily on the rise in all age groups. Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death each year in the United States. Each year over 44,000 people die by suicide and for each one of those, 25 have tried.  On average there are 121 completed suicides in the United States each day (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.) For each person who takes his or her own life, there are myriads of family members and friends who live with the aftermath. While there are hypotheses about the causes and the effects, solid knowledge is very limited.   

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