By accessing a natural psychological healing mechanism in the brain, EMDR, more than any other training or skill, has taught me to trust each person's innate capacity to heal from both trauma and neglect. My clients, and the clinicians I provide consultation to, inspire me as they resolve the issues that have held them back from fully experiencing life engagement and meaning.

In addition to my expertise in EMDR to clear the unresolved life experiences that inhibit full potential in individuals, I also have advanced training and expertise in the treatment of addictions, the treatment of psychological distress from cancer diagnosis and treatment, PTSD, grief, issues of intimacy, and codependence.

I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW), a Board Certified Diplomate in Social Work (BCD), and am an Approved Supervisor in Washington State. I hold certification in Interactive Guided Imagery (1991) and Chemical Dependency (1983).  

I provide ongoing consultation to clinicians wanting to advance their skills in EMDR as well as supervision to pre-licensed clinicians. I offer both individual and group consultation with a focus on increasing clinicians EMDR skills and integration.  However, I no longer accept NEW clients in my clinical practice.